Monday, August 8, 2011

Untamed mudders!!! Mud run recap

Kriston picked me up around 11:30. We were both nervous, but excited. We got all of our stuff together and headed out. There were people dressed up as swifters, ninja turtles, in diapers, and some even in water wings. Kriston and I wore red and black. We were the untamed mudders. We started at the top of a hill. When we started it was dry and dusty, and did I mention it was 110 degrees?

The first obstacle after the big hill, was the tires. It was slow going, but somehow even walking I managed to fall. I thought "this is a great start to the race!". Then there was a wall we needed to climb over, I went over the medium sized one that required a little bit of effort, but knew I wouldn't hurt myself. Over the wall and into a mud pit! After the first mud pit, it was nice and cool. Then we went over a hay bale mountain. Next was a cargo net and slide into a long mud pit. We skipped the cargo net, because the line was too long and went straight into the waist deep mud pit. After running into and out of a culvert, we came to the first slip and slide. I didn't keep my feet up very good, and my foot got stuck in the tarp. Therefore I went face first into that mud pit. After that there was a crawl in the mud under some flags. Then a dive through tire into another pit. I fell numerous times in the pits, because the footing is really uneven and slippery (and I may be a tad clumsy too). Then there was a balance beam. Luckily, somehow I didn't fall there.After the beams was another mud pit with firemen spraying water at us as we tried to get across. Then there was a little area with tire stacks to get through.

The very best part of the race was the big huge slip and slide!! Awesome!!!

One last mud pit (more trouble getting through, lots of falling here)
We ran past the finish line around 34 minutes.

Definitely will be doing this again next year!! The rest of the day has been spent with my family. This is what I came home to-

What a great Saturday!!!

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