Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fastest time ever!!

This morning I got up at 6, and got ready to go out and run. I couldn't find my headphones. So I just went without them, instead of possibly waking the babies. I walked for 4 minutes, then started running. If you read my blog at all you know I use that term rather loosely. All you speed demons out there that are hard core runners may take offense. Too bad. Sorry, but if I am bouncing around, breathing hard and both my feet are off the ground, I am running.
Anyway. I'm not positive how far I went without walking, but I was impressed with myself! I did listen to my iPod with the external speakers. For some reason I psych myself out when I hear nothing but my breathing. It makes me think I am working harder than I am. Also, I figured out where to put my iPhone so that I don't have to hold it. I finally made use of the fact that I have to wear 2 sports bras! Perfect little pocket and now it's hands free! I'm a genius!

Yes, I live in a small town. Tractor in the middle of town on my morning run.

The temps were awesome, humidity not so much. Almost felt like I was swimming! Ok, slight exaggeration. You get my drift though. I ended up finishing 2.39 miles in 28:38 with an average pace of 11:58 min mile. "Thats fast??", you may say. For me it is great!! I usually average between a 14-15 min mile on this route.

I got home and took a really fast shower, before anyone woke up. Then my friend Sabrina came over so that we could go to the just between friends consignment sale. I got a ton of stuff for both babies for $37!! Then, I went and undid my hard work by going to p.f. Changs and eating an entire order of orange chicken. Soo yummy and worth it, even if I have to go run more tonight!!


  1. Fantastic job my friend! So inspiring!

  2. Great job! Humidity is a killer sometimes!


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