Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treadmill fun

I don't really know why so many people hate the treadmill. I find it easier! I can listen to my music really loud in my ear, without worrying about getting run over, in the air conditioning. And I know how fast and far I've gone. I took Erika to the daycare and left Amos with his daddy. I did about 3.24 miles in 45 minutes. I have to say my foot is hurting now. I need to go take an ibuprofen. I will as soon as I finish this blog! I am wearing my boot. It does help, but when I take it off it still hurts. I forgot how much I enjoyed running on a treadmill. They have a rockwall at the Rec center too! So cool. I didn't notice it until after my run. Needless to say my legs were two dead weights and there was no way I could climb anything. I was lucky that I made it to my van. I would love to try it though. I have decided that I am going to do the Warrior Dash in September and that would really help me prepare for some of the obstacles. I don't know if I am going to be able to run the June Bug Jog like I wanted to, but I still might even though I will have to walk a lot of it. I am still plugging along with my running, but already looking forward to my Zumba class on Tuesday! I may run on Monday again too, but it will probably be a shorter distance outside. Not near as enjoyable!!! Missing my girls that have left me for a few months, but hoping to be a tad healthier by the time they come home.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, I haven't written here for about a week. But I haven't been running this week, yet. I am going today though! I have, however, been doing Zumba! I knew I would love it, and that is why I put off going for so long. My husband is going to kill me if I go too often. Especially since when I run, I do so for free. My friend Sabrina forced me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! She is the most awesome Zumba teacher. She makes it fun and more like dancing, and of course she's one of my best friends. So of course I love it! I went 3 days this week. 2 times with Sabrina's class. 1 time with Jennifer's class. Jennifer's class was fun also. It's hard to not enjoy yourself when you are shaking your groove thang! I am going to go running today, because I have races that I want to do. Must train and all that jazz. It is also nice to get out away from the kiddos occasionally. My diet hasn't been stellar, but only a few slip ups. My dad, who is around 300lbs is really bad for my diet. We went to Rib Crib yesterday, and I ate my entire LOADED super spud. Today I will make up for it though! I'm trying to average less than 2000 calories a day. I really would like to lose around 2lbs a week (at least :P) while my kids are gone.  My girls left to go visit their Daddy for 3 months. Ugh. Long time. Before they left we went and took pics at the park. Here is one of them with all of the kids in it.

One of these days I will be a healthy role model for my children! Time to get on it! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At it again

Sabrina and I headed out today to do almost 2 and 1/2 miles. We started out with 2 jogging strollers, 2 big kids and 3 babies. I'm sure we were quite a sight. Traffic was horrible in our sleepy little town. We made it quite a way when it started sprinkling. I had Ashleigh take the babies home, and Chris went to the house at that point as well. Sabrina and her jogging stroller kept on with me. My phone died (which is my time keeper), so Sabrina had to keep track of the time. I must say, I wanted to ask was the time up a lot! But I couldn't breathe. Soooo I just kept going. I'm trying to pick up my feet more. I feel like I am going faster anyway! Maybe once I get some of this weight off, I will be able to go faster! My knees and lower half of my body are sore, so I see another day of yoga tomorrow. I will try to do the workout yoga and not relaxation yoga.
Less than a month to my first 5k of the year. My goal is to finish in under an hour. Sad I know. I am going to try to run a 3.75 mile route this week. Not sure if that will be Friday or Saturday. But I do want to do it. Also, I am talking some of my friends into doing a Warrior Dash! So excited! You get so much cool stuff, and you get to dress up, and jump over fire! Who wouldn't want to do this!??
On the diet front, I did fine until the stupid spaghetti dinner at church. Even then I would have been fine, but they had cake and bread. UGH!!!! I love carbs and sugar!! I will do awesome tomorrow on this I promise!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes alone is good.

I went to Zumba with my friend Sabrina yesterday (she is the instructor). It was FUN!!! Reminded me of salsa dancing, line dancing and cheerleading all rolled into one! Yesterday was also suppose to be my week2 day 1. Did I get out there and do it you may ask? YES I did!!! Jennifer was going to come with me, but due to some of life's circumstances, couldn't. I was wondering myself if I would get out there. I have gotten used to running with someone. It was a beautiful day though and I didn't want to get off of my schedule. I borrowed my daughter's mp3 player, put one of my earphones in  (the better to hear traffic my dear!), and got to running! I completed the day as it was written, and felt wonderful. I love running with friends and my kids, but I really enjoyed my solo run. I didn't have to keep up with anyone, I went at my own pace. I felt great! By the time I quit running though, my legs were jelly. I think I may have to have a solo run once a week to go at my own pace, and run with my fit and fast friends the other 2-3 days. They make me push myself, so one of these days I may get faster.
I also am going to sign up for the June Bug Jog in Claremore! Very excited. My husband doesn't really see the point since I can't run the entire 5k, but said I can anyway. I get a shirt too! I love stuff from races. What he doesn't get, is that it is motivation to do better and better. I know I most likely will never get 1st. I go to compete against myself. At this point I am hoping to finish in under 45 minutes. Next time I will go faster and the next even faster! The energy is wonderful at races and is a little catching!!

At my weigh in I only lost .2 lbs, but that is pretty much due to diet. My goal was to keep my calories under 2,000, but it was more like 2,600 avg throughout the week. This week will be better! So far, yesterday I had 1843 calories. Here's to making my butt a little smaller!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wonderful weather we are having (heavy on the sarcasm)

Well, Sabrina, Logan (her son in a jogging stroller), Chris on his skateboard and Jennifer and I headed out for our day 3 week1. Seriously, I need to get some out of shape friends that can run with me, because I kill myself trying to keep up with these fit Zumba instructors! It was pretty yucky outside today. We started out, and it started to sprinkle. It got to be a pretty heavy mist, and I was wishing I had brought my jacket. I was sweating, but cold. That is ridiculous! We ended up finishing 1.09 miles in 24 minutes. We turned towards home instead of away from it since it was looking rather stormy. I was more worried about Logan getting sick than anything, but was feeling lazy too. Glad those girls came and kicked me in the rear to at least do the mile that we did. Jennifer is coming back on Monday. She will probably have to call an ambulance, she has the longest legs you've ever seen!
Kylah and Ashleigh had friends over and played with water balloons, watched Charlie's Angels and Glee. We ate pizza, cookies, popcorn, and chips. All in all a great day with the kids, but not so much on my diet!Here's hoping I can do well on Monday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

running like a mad woman

My friend Sabrina ran with me today. Let me just say that I am a shuffle runner. I don't really kick up my feet. Sabrina is a natural runner. She has the form that I want! If I ran like that I would bounce too much and tire out even quicker. Kylah came for part of it, and so did Chris. Sabrina pushed Logan in a stroller. I must say I am ashamed. She is pushing little Logan, and has to slow down for me. (Sigh-shaking head) I guess all of the extra weight on me keeps us around even. And did I mention she is a Zumba instructor. Ok, my shame isn't quite as pronounced. When I go running, I'm surprised that passers by don't stop and ask if I need CPR! Why do I do this to myself? Because I want it! I want to be a runner. I want to be fit and healthy and skinny. I used to want to exercise to be skinny. Now I get out and try to run because I want to succeed. Don't get me wrong, I still want to lose weight. But now I'm working on my diet for that accomplishment. Pretty soon the girls will be gone for the summer. I will be really working hard on my diet then. I plan on being a new woman by the time they come home.  On the plus side, not only did I go 3 minutes faster than Monday, I also didn't die! Yay!!! We are going again on Friday, which will complete week 1 and we can continue onto week 2! So If you are out running errands and you see a hefty lady red in the face and huffing and puffing trying desperately to keep up with her friend, don't worry I won't actually die. Please be courteous though, don't point and laugh.

Monday, May 9, 2011

week1 day 1 take 2!

I finally got my new shoes, and they are awesome! They are actually running shoes. I even got some good socks. Soooo I did a 20 min turbo jam video and then a plank pose, and some squats. Then this evening I did 2.47 miles in 38 minutes. I took ALL of my children.

 All 5 of them. The 2 oldest wimped out and took the 2 babies home with them. My athletic 12 year old continued on with me though. She is a talker. I had to explain to her that I just can't talk when I'm running~ :) I was about to die. I think I finished faster than normal, because I was trying to keep up with her! My foot is definitely hurting tonight, but I kept my shoes on all day, and am now wearing the boot that I have to wear to bed. I have another appointment with the Dr on Thursday. Hopefully I don't have to stop again. If I don't get to it, I'm never going to be able to run in the races I have picked out. I'm so thankful that I am able to get out there again. Even if it was hotter than you know where! Ok, I'm exaggerating, but it was 90 degrees. Too hot for a woman with even extra insulation to run! I definitely think that I am going to have to start running very early or after sunset. Can't wait for Wednesday's run!!