Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep on trying

Well, I missed most of Zumba and exercise with dad, because Erika was unusually fussy on Monday. Tuesday Ashleigh had a softball game, missed another Zumba class. Wednesday with dad, he had a dental appt. Thursday was back to Zumba, which I completed. Yay me!! It was hard after missing so much, but lots of fun! Today finally did exercise with dad. Only did 1.25 miles, but it is a start.
I am signing up to do a 5k on September 17th. Very excited about that! Gives me a reason to run more often! I will probably try to go running outside by myself tomorrow morning. Hopefully! Lol! Yay for having goals!

What makes gives you motivation to get your exercise done on the days you don't want to do it?

Completely off topic, but I have been loving the site. Have any of you ever had an embarrassing text situation?

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