Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is why I have a weight problem.

Tonight I made smothered pork chops and mashed potatoes. So good! Here is the recipe, make this for the man in your life and he will love you forever, even if your hips won't!!

First you need a pkg of boneless pork chops, some flour (any type will do really, I've used all purpose and self rising flour), season salt, pepper, liberal amounts of paprika, and a little cayenne for kick. Mix all together and coat the chops in the mixture.

  Fry the pork chops in oil and a half stick of butter. I know I know, I told you it was bad for you!
While the chops are browning, cut up a pkg of fresh mushrooms and a sweet onion. 
When the pork chops have browned, remove them to a 9x13 baking dish. Drain the oil from the skillet, and add some more butter to the pan. Butter butter everywhere!! Add the onions and mushrooms and sautee until tender. Then you have to add some of the flour mixture you used on the pork chops. Let the flour taste cook out of it a little bit.

Add enough milk to make a good amount of gravy. I used skim this time, does that mean it was healthy? 

Pour the gravy over the pork chops waiting in the baking dish and cover with foil. Bake around 350-375 for an hour. This makes them so tender you really usually don't need a knife! I make mashed potatoes with mine, but rice or noodles would be good too.

Such a yummy stick to your butt ribs meal! Then if you are really lucky, you can have one of your wonderful children help clean up the kitchen!

No, I did not exercise today or yesterday, and I am truly dreading the weigh in tomorrow. Here's hoping that I haven't gained any weight back! And back to Zumba tomorrow!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Treadmill awesomeness

Yes awesomeness is a word! I went to the rec center in Claremore last night to us the treadmill. I took both babies and Elisabethe. Amos and Erika love the child care there, even if I felt like a horrible mother for taking them at 9 pm. Elisabethe decided that 13 years old is to old for child care and opted to run on the track. I guess treadmill running with me huffing and puffing next to her didn't sound appealing either. I got my headphones on and went to work.

Now I have to say, I have not been running as often as I should. I'm still doing Zumba 3-4 times a week though. I decided to run as long as I could without walking. I warmed up with a 5 min walk at 3.5 mph. Then I sped up to 5 mph. All this is on a .5 incline. I ran for 25 minutes without stopping to walk. Then I slowed down to a walk for 3 min. I thought, "how am I going to jog anymore. I'm spent!". But jog I did. I sped up again for another 10-15 min or so. Then the treadmill slowed down in increments for my 5 min cool down. I was sweaty, red and my legs were jelly. But I did it. Yay me!!


Elisabethe even showed me where some mats were so I could stretch. That is the only thing that saved me from having my legs collapse. The only problem I had was, when I went to bed my legs felt restless, and I couldn't go to sleep. I'm looking forward to possibly going again tonight. Hopefully I don't have the restless leg problem tonight though!

AAANNNNDDDD I haven't posted about my weight loss, but I have gone from 201.4 in May to  187.0 this last Monday. I'm hoping to continue to see the numbers drop. I can't really tell a difference in myself, but other people have been noticing, so  I guess I will keep on trucking!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rain is a good thing!

I was looking forward to getting to run on a treadmill last night. However, that fell through, and I was back to running outside in the heat. Luckily, we had a little bit of rain. That bumped us out of the 100's, and then I waited until 8:30 when it had gotten down around 85. Cold front!!!! It was a little humid. Don't worry I wore a white shirt, I think I may need to get reflectors or something. The good thing is that the town I live in practically rolls up the streets at 8, and not very many people are out and about around the time I get out and run. I got some music downloaded this time, and really enjoyed running to music again.

The first mile I was doing surprisingly well. I think that I play too many mind tricks on myself. I was thinking "It's so hot, I wonder how far I've come, It's gotta be at least a mile by now, Am I tired?" Then I would realize that I was still feeling pretty good, and just kept going. I never could run this far without walk breaks before Zumba! Around the end of my first mile I passed the horse that always looks at me like I'm crazy. It's such a pretty horse though.


I kept going, and then I thought I may as well take a pic of the sunset. Ok, the sun was almost completely set by this time.

Snapbucket,Set: Pro,Vignette: Sm. Black,Filter: X-Process,Frame: Highlight White

I made my next loop, with a minimum of walking. I was almost home and one of the songs from my daughter's twilight CD that I stole borrowed came on. Don't judge- you know you liked those movies for some strange reason (I can't explain why I like them). I gave one last little kick. Of course I was dying when I came in the house, and my husband asked if I was going to live. (This is a common question he asks all of us)

My numbers per runkeeper when I got done-2.30 miles in 31:23, an avg min/mile of 13:40. Yay! I even attempted a pull up before I got in the shower. Yes, 1 pull up attempted! I may be ready for the Warrior Dash by September after all! Just a little ok A LOT of training to go!

Friday, July 8, 2011

An easy run after a LOOONNGG hiatus!

I haven't run since my 5k in June. I know, crazy. If I want to do the warrior dash in September I need to get on the training! Well, I have been doing Zumba at least 3 times a week. Surprisingly, that has improved my cardiovascular health already! I decided on a whim to go for a run, while Eric took care of the kids at my dad's house and ate cookies and milk. I got dressed quickly, took my new phone and my mp3 player and started out around 8:45pm. I had been watching some tutorials on correct running form. Apparently I've been a heel striker. I tried during this run to really concentrate on my form. I couldn't believe it, I jogged for 10 minutes without stopping. Holy cow!!! To top that off, I did it without music or companionship! My mp3 player was dead. I made due though. I tried to take a pic of the sunset, but it was already too dark. The first 10 min was really easy. Ran loose and calm. My foot is a little sore, but not too bad. At the end someone had sprayed their yard with fertilizer or something. Burned my nose a little. Really was a nice quick run, would like to go again tomorrow evening but we will see.

I definitely have been enjoying Zumba. I even got a bracelet with bells on it. :) I pretend while I am doing it that I don't look like a white girl who went off her meds and started having a seizure to music. I am beautiful, sexy, and one of the best dancers in the world! Thank goodness there are no mirrors where we do this. Then my illusions would be shattered and I would have to face reality. I have not been doing very good at keeping track of my calories and I'm assuming that I probably will have gained weight this week. I will start keeping track again on Monday, the start of a new week.

What is your favorite time to run?
Do you listen to music?
What activity do you do that makes you feel better about yourself automatically?