Wednesday, August 24, 2011

P90x=OW OW OW!!!

Today I started a new workout schedule. It goes like this: Monday- Zumba and exercise with Dad.
                                                                                       Tuesday- P90x and Zumba
                                                                                       Wednesday- P90x and exercise with Dad
                                                                                        Thursday- Zumba (only one work out yay!!)
                                                                                         Friday-P90x and exercise with Dad.
                                                                                         Saturday- Early morning run (if I'm not dying)
I can honestly say I am so sore! I can't wait to see how Zumba goes tomorrow. That and I'm glad I only have one work out tomorrow!
Today we did the Core synergistics DVD of P90X. Then I went to Dad's house and did 1 mile on the treadmill. Unfortunately it took me an extra 2 minutes. I cannot do one full regular push up. How pathetic! I did some girl push ups until my arms felt like jello! The girl, Dreya on the P90X videos is my hero! Amazing abs!
Dad and I have been keeping track of our calories on an iPhone app. My dad is doing awesome! He has lost over 7 lbs in a week. He is choosing water over soda, and eating way more healthy. He had a salad for lunch yesterday. He is doing way better than me. We did go to Railway Cafe (small diner in a small town) and had Burgers and french fries. We both love Dr. Pepper. REGULAR Dr. Pepper. We did not have any!!! Dad had water (this is where he is way better) I had a Diet soda. I did have lots of water though. Just not at lunch time.

I am so glad I can inspire my dad to get healthy with me. Sabrina Lemons has inspired me to get healthy, and hopefully the chain will just continue. Now on to the picture-
This is me after my 2 work outs, 2 hour nap, and getting absolutely none of my chores done today!

Have a great day, and get out there and have a great workout!!!


  1. I <3 your encouraging blogs =) That P90...and Dreya...Oye Vei!!!

  2. I feel your pain with P90X. I love it, but I can't wait for week 12 to have an "easy" workout!

    Great job!

  3. An easy work out!? I didn't realize any of the p90x workouts were easy!


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