Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snot Rockets and 9 miles, Baby!!!

A farm we saw as we ran by.

I woke up at 6:30am, and got all ready to go. I ate my Clif Bar and drank some water. I decided to stop at the gas station and get a Diet Dr. Pepper. In hindsight, I should have woke up earlier to give myself the time needed to go to the bathroom. I stopped at the Quick Trip to go to the bathroom. Ended up that I still didn't need to go. So, I started back out to the car. Did you know that a wheelchair ramp still has a small curb? I didn't. I wasn't really paying attention and rolled my ankle, which popped, and I fell to the ground. I'm sure it was quite a sight. A man came out of the store to ask if I was ok. I was pretty embarrassed as I limped to the car. I tried to look at it, but with all the layers I couldn't really tell. I decided to drive over to the group and see how it felt to walk on it.
my swollen ankle. 

Walking to the group from the parking lot wasn't too bad. So, I decided to try it, and if I couldn't finish all 9, I would do what I could. We started out with Laurie telling us there would be hills today. I hate hills. The first 4 miles wasn't bad. Then we hit the first hill. I gasped my way to the top, and somehow managed to stay not only with the group, but a little bit ahead! I figured I would do my best to stay ahead so that the next hill I wouldn't be left in the dust.
I don't think this pic does this hill justice!
We went back down. The great thing about going up hills is coming down hills. I always feel gypped if I go up a hill and it only levels off. Especially if I don't have to go back the way I came. Luckily that was not the case. We went into a really nice neighborhood and freaked a cute little bulldog out. These were huge really expensive houses. They are nice to look at and dream, and keeps your mind off yet another hill!
I was trying really hard not to vomit in these really nice yards.

I ate half of a Clif Gel Block. They taste good, but I really feel nauseous when I try something that isn't liquid. I think I will stick with my G2 and water. I was feeling pretty good until mile 7. I was running with Sheila, and at some point managed to pause my runkeeper . Luckily she had her own Garmin to keep us on track. I don't think it was paused too long.
Around mile 5 or 6?
 At about mile 6 1/2 or so, I finally attempted a snot rocket, or farmer's blow as some people call them. I didn't do too bad. At least I didn't end up with snot all over my face. I even gave the people around me a warning. As I wiped my nose on the inside of my shirt collar (All you runners do this, don't deny it!), I realized I put my shirt on backwards this morning. Maybe nobody noticed.

Going back down another hill.
At about mile 7, I started having a harder time. At the eighth mile, I told Sheila to go ahead. I knew she was holding back for me. I told her to go on, and I'd be ok. Man, she was off like a shot! She went really fast! My ankle had started hurting just a little, and was starting to get blisters on the balls of both of my feet, and couldn't quite catch my breath. I finished by myself, and stretched out. I am tired, but extremely proud of myself! Even with the runkeeper messing up for a short time, my runkeeper says 9.06 miles, in 1:58:14. My average minutes per mile was 13:03. Not bad for my first ever 9 mile run!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Running Solo- I think my fastest average ever!!!

Wanna race??
 Finally went for a solo run this afternoon. I haven't been doing very good at running by myself. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day. At least, there are not enough hours when I don't have to take the babies with me.  Today, I didn't have headphones. I left them in the car that Eric took this morning. I practiced Zumba for 30 min, so I didn't need to walk to warm up. Which meant that I got my best time ever!
I saw this Thorn Tree as I was going by. I've never noticed it before. Strange. HUGE thorns!!! This was over by the horse that I have taken a pic of before. It is so beautiful. It started bucking as I was running by, then raced me. I won't keep you in suspense. The horse won. All in all good solo run. Mile 1 avg 11:49min/mile, Mile 2 avg 11:42min/mile, and Mile 3 avg 12:08 min/mile. Total, 2.91 miles in 34:35 minutes. average pace 11:53 min per mile.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A day for breaking records

I am going to warn you about this first paragraph. It may be TMI. But, I'm all about being real. So, I am going to tell you like it is. Last night we went to Golden Corral. Yes, and all you can eat buffet. I admit, in hindsight, not the best decision before an 8 mile run. Not only an 8 mile run, but my FIRST 8 mile run. I knew with my stomach issues, I had probably better get up and get things moving. I got up at 5:15am. I needed to make sure that my GI would have time to take care of things before I left. I went and got a 32 oz Dr. Pepper and a sausage roll. Sure to get things moving. I was not disappointed. I was able to go to the bathroom at home, and still drink some water before I left. I didn't even have any problems after I left home. I did go pee at the bathrooms where we started. In the dark, the lights didn't work.
My pic does not do this park justice, but remember I was trying to keep up with my group!

Ok, if you skipped that first paragraph, I don't blame you. Now onto the good stuff. Apparently I was a tad excited. I got there 45 min early. I was nervous, but totally psyched. Yes, I am showing my age. Finally it was time to go to the meeting area. It was cold. I wore a pair of leggings with a running skirt, and a tech shirt with my jacket. I was wishing at the start that I had my pants on instead of my skirt. Once we started moving that was no longer an issue. I started with the 12 min/mile group thinking that with 8 miles, I would probably fall back once we started going. After the first mile, I was thinking that would still happen. I was struggling. Not horribly, but was looking forward to every walk break. We started out on sidewalks, and I had to jump over some dog poop, a tomato, and the occasional pot hole. Then we move to a slightly less unkempt road. Once we hit 3 miles, I started to feel better. Not struggling as much. We hit mile 4 and a tiny pebble ended up in my shoe. Once we hit the water stop, I stopped and got it out. What can I say? I'm the princess with the pea. That was much better. At mile 5 I took one of my Clif gel blocks, it tasted good. A lot like a gummy bear. The only problem is that while running you have a limited amount of spit. I finally got it choked down, and only mildly worried about it making a reappearance. I followed it with the Gatorade G2 and some water. I ended up taking off my jacket. Soooo glad I wore the running skirt. I didn't even flash my butt, the skirt stayed put. Once we hit mile 6 I was feeling great! I think I finally know what a runner's high is. I've been waiting for it to show up! I was excited, and feeling awesome. Michelle and I even ended up at the front of the pace group. We even ran the last little bit just for fun. We ended up finishing our 8 miles in 1:38, with and average min/mile of 12:29. Again, totally psyched. I wasn't even that sore. I got in the car and drove home. Ahhhhh there was the soreness when I got out of the car.
My awesome new pants!!!!

It's been a full day. After that, I went home, and back to Tulsa. I went to check out the Runner's World Tulsa store, and their 50% off winter gear sale. Got an awesome new pair of pants. Then to a birthday party for one of my wonderful nephews. Back home I took a little nap, and made dinner. My teenagers and husband went to a Daddy/Daughter dance at church. I'm here with the babies, looking forward to their bed time. Then I am going to clean the house again. That's my life and I wouldn't ever change it!

My best friends tonight. My boot (to sleep in) and ibuprofen.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Beauty of an Emotional Purge

Two posts in one day?? Yes!!! Sometimes I guess you just need to put all of your doubts down, so that you can smash them! I have stayed under my calories for today, and went for a run! One day soon, hopefully it will start paying off in weight loss.

So for the run, I went out, grudgingly. It has been beautiful today. 64 degrees. Just beautiful weather. I got my runkeeper going, and my ipod. I only wear one ear bud so that I can  pay attention to traffic. I did a different route, because I didn't want to run into too much traffic. For mile 1 I felt like I was having a little bit of a hard time, but not too bad. I ran for longer periods than normal. My first mile I averaged a 12:31 min mile.

Mile 2, was a little bit better. I ran through town. It is soooo giant. Just kidding. One blinking light in the middle of town is not huge. I love it though, as this is where I grew up. Mile 2 I averaged a 12:03 min mile.
This building burned at least 10 years ago. The shell is still there.
For mile 3, I was looking forward to getting home. I heard a train coming, so I picked up my speed. For mile 3 I averaged an 11:38 min mile. I beat the train. Yay me! No worries though, I didn't even see it, I was just worried I would have to stand there like an idiot as it passed.

So over all, I finished 2.96 miles in 35:31, total average was 12:05 min mile. I think I did awesome!!!

One side of Inola to the other. Sleepy little town.

Setbacks and Grumblings

This is fitting for me. I have gained back around 10 lbs. I have continued running and Zumba, but still have managed to gain it back. It all comes down to diet. Mine is horrible. I'm on day 3 of keeping track of my meals on I have stopped buying soda for my house, or going to Dad's house to take his, and haven't stopped at the gas station to get any. This is a small victory. I have had one can in 4 days. I used to drink 44oz before 10 am....everyday. I'm not cutting it out completely, but I am drastically reducing my consumption.

So, why do I keep doing this to myself? I start over and over and over. Do I really want to start over again next week? No. I want to keep track and get somewhere this time. I think that part of the problem is that I resent having to really watch what I eat. I used to be really thin without having to try. I ate whatever I wanted and didn't really exercise until I became a cheerleader in 11th grade. It is crazy that this bothers me though. I have been overweight  longer than I was skinny. Not to mention how long ago that was! I am trying to make some substitutions that will be more lifestyle change than diet. I am eating oatmeal for breakfast (Steel cut made with water), and see above about the soda. Little things I may be able to handle better. I am still training for the half marathon in April, but really need to do better running on my own.

This is how I will get there.
My goals:

1. I will continue with my training, but be more diligent about my solo runs.
2. I will stay under my calorie guidelines.
3. I will say one positive thing about myself everyday.
4. I will eat vegetables at lunch and dinner.
5. I will give this 12 weeks.

To end this on a positive note- I know I will meet my goals, I will succeed. Let's do this.