Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maybe I Should Change The Name of This Blog

I haven't run since my 5k 2weeks ago. I want to, but it is so blasted hot here! I am hoping to go this evening when my husband gets home. I do still have some running goals. I want to run some more 5k races, a 10k race in November, eventually a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon. I need to get out there in train if those goals are ever to be met. So I will go this evening.

Now, I haven't just been sitting on my duff this whole time. I have been doing Zumba with Sabrina Lemons. She does 3 classes that I go to and love! I love love love it!!! I can honestly say that I have never dreaded going to a class, and always look forward to them. There is a cool down song that I love. I can't remember the name, but it says "You're Beautiful". I truly feel beautiful when I'm done with Zumba. I'm sweatier than you will ever know when we finish, and I don't know if I am ready to do it in front of a mixed crowd, but I truly do enjoy it.

I have so far lost about 8 lbs since May 16. I am hoping to continue losing 2 lbs a week, but as long as the scale is going down I will be happy.

Is there any type of exercise that you look forward to?
Do you have any goals you want to share?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Bug Jog recap

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6. Then I got dressed and drank a Green Banana Mango smoothie and ate a Tbs of natural PB, Drank a glass of water. Had to get the baby fed, and changed, and got Amos something to eat. Kinda nervous at this point, but excited too. I drove to Claremore Lake, where the race was being held. More nervous, but already paid so gotta do it. I got my chip and attached it to my shoes. Official runner here!!! I met my friend Nellie there, she just completed the C25k training with Fleet Feet. This was their graduation race. We got started about midpack. I ended up running by myself for a bit. It was kinda sad, but I was using the racewalkers as a challenge. Those girls were booking it! The course was a little more hilly than I am used to. Luckily though, the sun was shining and there was a nice gentle, cool breeze coming off the lake. There is quite a bit of shade on this route in the morning. I got to the water station-bless those volunteers! I can't run and drink at the same time, so I stopped and walked (I also didn't want to pass the trash can :).  I got to the point in the road marked 2k, and in my running brain I was thinking 2mi. I thought I was almost there! No. Wrong. A few more hills, Nellie caught up to me after stopping for a bathroom break. Hit the midpoint and turned around. Started to feel the Green Smoothie try to make a reappearance, but managed to hold it down. Next time I've got to eat earlier! There was a little less shade on the way back. Nellie passed me, but I told her to wait for me at the finish line. I walked a bit. Started getting some chills, which was weird. So I walked more than I felt like I needed to, but it would have been too embarrassing to keel over in a 5k from heatstroke or heart attack. I walked and jogged with an older man who had my philosophy on hills. We walked up them and jogged down them! I started getting more chills, so I told him to go ahead. I wanted to at least jog over the finish line! I did too! I even RAN over the finish line. I wouldn't say sprinted, but an actual full on run, picking my feet way up and everything! I finished in 42:03. I was the 17th woman. The overall winner finished in 19 min. WOW! That's fast! I had a great time, and now can't wait to sign up for the next one and continue training. Now, Let's see if I can beat that time! ;)I'm number 108!


After running the race, I came home and got the fam ready to go to the lake. We went to Wagoner (OK is full of lakes!) My MIL has a trailer by the lake for weekends and summers. We got to go out on their boat. Eric got to drive the boat which I am thankful for. His stepdad isn't the best boater. Kinda scary to someone who grew up on boats! We went swimming. After a little bit of hyperventilating I got used to the idea of swimming in water that you couldn't see your feet, and fish swimming in said water. I know it isn't logical, but I am scared of fish. Crazy, but what are you going to do. I figured as long as I was treading water, I would be ok, and that would scare the fish away. Even Amos got in. I didn't think he would, but he enjoyed it! As long as I was holding him. He hates his life jacket. I didn't wear one so I got a pretty good workout there too. I also got a sunburn even though I wore  sunscreen AND reapplied every hour! It was worth it though. My legs are sore today!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recharging Batteries

The last few days have been stressful. Amos has been a handful, the truck's waterpump went out so we are down to one vehicle. I didn't get to go on my much needed run yesterday, and we haven't been reading our scriptures. All in all, it's been very hectic. This morning, as Amos was screaming about something yet again, I said a quick prayer for much needed patience and help. My dad took me to Zumba (Thanks Dad!). I met my friend Sabrina the instructor there, complained to her about my ex. (In hind sight, the situation wasn't really that bad, but I was stressed already.) My sister in law, Emily, showed up. She is always so witty and good for a laugh. We worked out hard. I sweated (is that a word?) a lot. Soaked my shirt actually. Somehow I missed part of my pit while putting on my antiperspirant this morning, and could hardly stand the smell of myself before the class. It was much worse after. I tried to stay as far as I could from everyone, and yell across the room from everyone. Emily insisted she really couldn't smell me-I think she was lying to spare my feelings. Then she said "Can I take Amos today?"....HUH????? After determining that, No she wasn't kidding, and as far as I know completely sane, I said "Please!!!!!". Only after getting home and taking a shower did I remember my quick prayer. That, my friends, is God at work. When it is something we really need, and is possible for us to get it if it is in His plan.  My batteries are recharged. I'm ready to take on the rest of the day, and go pick Amos. :)