Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Embrace the Craziness!!!

I quote this movie throughout the year!
 Well, again with the inconsistent blogging! Ugh!!!

crazy Zumba instructors!
 Anyway, So far, December has been great. I got to start off with a Charity Zumba Benefit class. All proceeds went to a local organization to help buy Christmas for the less fortunate. My fellow Zumba instructors are so awesome! We raised over $1500!

 It was awesome to see so many people have such a great time and enjoying making fitness a part of a celebration. Zumba is one of the only things I know of that people do to celebrate things. I mean, how many people do you know celebrate by exercising?

I also had a celebration class for my friend and sister in law, Billie Jo. She had met her first goal of 50lb lost! Sabrina and Tamela helped make the day special! I'm looking forward to the 100lb loss celebration~ We are totally going to rock it!
Sabrina, Billie Jo, and myself

We didn't intentionally match in this one!
On the home front, We've decorated the Christmas tree, and had horribly unhealthy polar express hot chocolate, and more homemade cookies than I can count! By the time Christmas rolls around, I may look like Santa (minus the beard hopefully). I love the music and movies this time of year. Also, I get to look forward to seeing my daughter, Kylah, for Christmas break! I can't wait, it has been a long 5 months!