Saturday, December 10, 2011

Post Holiday weight gain and back to running

I didn't go crazy over Thanksgiving. Really, I didn't. Somehow, I managed to gain 5 lbs. So I am back to trying to watch what I eat, and trying to get more exercise in. This evening it was cold (to me) and dark. Luckily my dad has a treadmill. I went over and used it. I decided I would do 3 miles no matter how long it took. I ran on Thursday as well, but it was so disappointing, that I didn't blog about it. I could only run for 5 min at a time.  o I figured if I could keep it under an hour, I would be happy. I got started with a little 3 min walk. Then, I sped it up and jogged until I hit 1 mile. I started walking again for 3 min. and started running again until I got to 2 miles. I walked for 1 min and ran, only stopping for 2 more min until I got to 3 miles. Yay!! I did it! I feel so much better. I was so cranky. I think I just needed out of the house away from the little ones. I love them to death, but they both fight over me all the time. It's nice to have some alone time.

I am going to be starting a half marathon training program this month. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I was thinking that during today's run. I'm excited and nervous. Another thing I am nervous about- I am signing up for Zumba instructor training. I'm worried about screwing up totally or people at the training deciding I'm too fat. I am determined though, and I will do what I set out to do!


  1. You will do GREAT! Just stay focused on training (for the 1/2) and you can do it. I NEVER thought I could run that far but if you just stay focused, after about oh ... mile 6 or 7 it's no biggie. I know I've said it a few times before but I'll say it again & again, I'm really proud of you!

  2. Thanks Alicia!! I think a lot of it is a mind game. Today I had a towel over the time and that helped.


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