Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5am- Up and Running!

Well, last night I went to the meeting for the 1/2 marathon training at Runner's World Tulsa. My wonderful husband went with me. I actually convinced him to try it with me! How exciting! The true test was this morning at 5am. We were suppose to get up and do 3 miles. I always have to get up at 5, but usually do not get out to run. Because I am lazy, no real reason. I do get kind of nervous running in the dark by myself though. I woke him up, and he actually got up and got ready with minimal complaints. We started out walking to warm up, but were too cold. So we started running a little earlier than I usually do.

A few words about my husband. Eric is naturally thin, and used to be a great runner. He played basketball in High School until his knee gave out, and he had to have knee surgery. He has a natural running ability that I have never had. When I talk about learning how to pace myself and when to breathe, he looks at me like I have a third eye. He doesn't understand it, because he doesn't have to think about those things. He just does it. I anticipated having trouble keeping up with him. I told him, I go very slow. I told him not to mind my breathing heavy, wheezing, or death sounds, that I would be fine, and that's just what I sound like when I try to run.

We ran almost a mile, and he was ready to walk. I could have gone a bit further, but I'm never one to turn down a little walk! We started jogging again, and when we decided that were going to walk again he decided we needed to sprint. So we did a little sprint and then walked. I got him to consent to run again. We repeated the sequence aforementioned a couple of times. We finished 2.34 miles in 31 minutes. I forced him to stretch when we got home.

I had received my running socks from my Running Mom Mafia elf in the mail yesterday, and wore them this morning. They were awesome! Now I need to update the rest of my running gear! Eric needs new everything too. He said he isn't wearing anything spandex or gay looking. So I've got my work cut out for me. I'm so happy that he is running with me!

Ignore the fat knee, but look at the awesome socks!


  1. Great start!! Its had to get up and run that early in the morning, and that dark. Great job!!!

  2. Thanks! It is hard, but a lot easier when Eric does it with me!


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