Saturday, December 31, 2011

OKC training group run #3

Tulsa World Newspaper Offices-So that's where that is!

Today was week #3 with the RunnersWorld Tulsa group. I decided to change to the 12+ group. I knew I would be more towards the back of the group, but wanted to try to keep up with them anyway. What I didn't anticipate were the hills and the scary route! I definitely did not want to lose the pack. The hills were killer! According to Runkeeper (which I love!), we did 448ft of climb. That is a lot in Oklahoma! I wore my new track suit (not cotton), with tech base layers. I wore some active socks, but they weren't for running, and I started getting a blister on the ball of my right foot. I will be wearing my running socks from now on! I also purchased a hydration belt. I liked the weight of it, and the zipper pockets, loved the convenience of having my own and not having to stop at the water station. I didn't love the way the bottles moved to the front. I will continue to use it though. The pros definitely outweigh the cons!

The hydration belt.

We ran past many old churches in Tulsa, and some of the ones who could still breathe sang some carols. I was doing good, just keeping a conversation going. I have found that the first mile is difficult and the last mile was difficult. 2-4 are awesome (without hills that is).  Such a beautiful day!

ignore the blur, I was speeding by!
My fellow runners and I coming up on one of the churches.

I started thinking that one of these days soon, I am going to have to get over my aversion to public bathrooms. As the runs get longer, I know I am going to have to stop. And then my secret will be out. I actually PEE!!! I take to the southern adage that ladies don't do disgusting things. I never......toot.....around my husband, I would like him to pretend that it is not possible for me to do something like that. (Even the word fart is too uncouth for me.) I also hate having to go more than pee anywhere with in earshot of another human being. However, if the alternative is going in my pants or going to a crowded public restroom, I'll take the restroom (even a dirty one).  Aren't you glad you read down this far? I know you were dying to know all about my bathroom habits! If you would like to read some major bathroom humor by a runner too, you have to check out SUAR. She is awesome, and I wish I could be that laid back!

Laurie, my fearless leader and I (I need to work on the smile!)
I ended up not wetting my pants on this run...SCORE! I didn't even have to use a public restroom. I got to the end, where the snacks and drinks are. Surprise! I passed up all of the yummy goodness they had there, and ate the other half of my protein bar that was in the car. I did drink some gatorade though. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it for this long. I am determined to finish this half marathon. It helps that I have some of my Running Mom Mafia members that are going to be entering the OKC memorial run as well! I'm looking forward to meeting them in person! The stats for this run? ok ok, I kept you in suspense long enough. 5.29 miles in 1:06:33, average pace 12:34 min/mile.  Already looking forward to next weeks runs!! (Not said with any amount of sarcasm)


  1. Now I understand why you were asking me all about bathrooms on the route! My husband said to beware of the 'grizzly' in the 21st & Riverside bathroom (hahaha) This training will get over your bathroom challenges! LOL :-) Laurie

  2. that's good to know!! it's something I'm working on!! :)


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