Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Training Run for the OKC 1/2

Well, today's run almost didn't happen. I couldn't find my keys this morning. I looked for 30 minutes. I finally found them, and got going 30 minutes late. I still thought I would make it on time. I would have too, if Oklahoma wasn't so keen on so much construction. I ended up going way way out of my way. As I pulled up, I saw the last group of training runners take off.  I got parked and took off running. I was determined to catch up. I ran fast. Ok, exaggeration, but fast for me. I caught up to the first group, and they were with the same people I was training with, but were in the slowest full marathon pace group. I signed up for the 13-14 min pace group for 1/2 marathon.  So I kept going. I just kept going and going. Kind of like Dori "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" So I did. Well, running. I kept passing people, which was awesome!!

We got onto the other side of Riverside. It was a cool crisp day, but I was pretty much dressed for it. I really need to get some actual running gear!
View of downtown from the river during the run.

 I ran back to the start, where they had Gatorade and Water, and snacks. Runner's World Tulsa is so wonderful to offer this free training! I finished the 3.25 miles in 41:56 with an average 12:56 min/mile. I can't wait until Eric comes with us next week!

The refreshment areas, and some of the runners after the run.


  1. Great job! I look forward to reading about your training journey to the OKC half. :)

  2. Way to push hard and get your run in, congrats!! I wish we had something like that here. Instead, we just get together on the weekends and do our long runs together, once we all get going on the plan, lol!

  3. Thanks both of you! I was lucky to find this one that is free! There is one with a different running store that has a paid program, but it is crazy expensive. I wouldn't have paid for it.


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