Saturday, December 24, 2011

Group Training Run Numero Dos!

So this morning was 19 degrees when I got ready to leave to meet the Runner's World Tulsa training group. I sincerely thought about not going. I didn't have any clothes that were not conducive to running. IE poor people running clothes. You know the kind like Rocky wears. Sweats. I really need to go shopping. Soooo, did I go? Yes, yes I did. Patting myself on the back as I sit here. Luckily, Eric didn't go hunting today and he had bought some tech base layers. Which I wore. They worked great! Loved them!

I met with my training group, and was NOT late!! That's right, I got there early even. My arm is getting sore from all this patting I am doing, somebody else should take over and pat me on the back. We started off. I felt great, even started warming up. I finished the 4.05 miles in 55:10 with an average pace of 13.37. We went around Swan Lake. Lake is really a generous term. I would say, small man made pond, but I guess that doesn't sound as pretty. I really enjoy meeting up with this group. If anyone in the area wants to do this training, I'm sure it's not too late. Check out Runner's World Tulsa!!! I surprisingly did not freeze to death. I still have all of my fingers and toes, and I didn't die of a heart attack or anything. I didn't even have to crawl to the finish!
Swan Lake and some other runners on the other side.

I am now home, and have put the baby down for a nap, and made waffles for everyone. Now it is almost time to make the sweet potato casserole for the Christmas Eve gathering at Grandma's house. I think I will go put in some kind of Christmas movie. After I have a shower of course!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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