Friday, May 13, 2011

Wonderful weather we are having (heavy on the sarcasm)

Well, Sabrina, Logan (her son in a jogging stroller), Chris on his skateboard and Jennifer and I headed out for our day 3 week1. Seriously, I need to get some out of shape friends that can run with me, because I kill myself trying to keep up with these fit Zumba instructors! It was pretty yucky outside today. We started out, and it started to sprinkle. It got to be a pretty heavy mist, and I was wishing I had brought my jacket. I was sweating, but cold. That is ridiculous! We ended up finishing 1.09 miles in 24 minutes. We turned towards home instead of away from it since it was looking rather stormy. I was more worried about Logan getting sick than anything, but was feeling lazy too. Glad those girls came and kicked me in the rear to at least do the mile that we did. Jennifer is coming back on Monday. She will probably have to call an ambulance, she has the longest legs you've ever seen!
Kylah and Ashleigh had friends over and played with water balloons, watched Charlie's Angels and Glee. We ate pizza, cookies, popcorn, and chips. All in all a great day with the kids, but not so much on my diet!Here's hoping I can do well on Monday!

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