Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes alone is good.

I went to Zumba with my friend Sabrina yesterday (she is the instructor). It was FUN!!! Reminded me of salsa dancing, line dancing and cheerleading all rolled into one! Yesterday was also suppose to be my week2 day 1. Did I get out there and do it you may ask? YES I did!!! Jennifer was going to come with me, but due to some of life's circumstances, couldn't. I was wondering myself if I would get out there. I have gotten used to running with someone. It was a beautiful day though and I didn't want to get off of my schedule. I borrowed my daughter's mp3 player, put one of my earphones in  (the better to hear traffic my dear!), and got to running! I completed the day as it was written, and felt wonderful. I love running with friends and my kids, but I really enjoyed my solo run. I didn't have to keep up with anyone, I went at my own pace. I felt great! By the time I quit running though, my legs were jelly. I think I may have to have a solo run once a week to go at my own pace, and run with my fit and fast friends the other 2-3 days. They make me push myself, so one of these days I may get faster.
I also am going to sign up for the June Bug Jog in Claremore! Very excited. My husband doesn't really see the point since I can't run the entire 5k, but said I can anyway. I get a shirt too! I love stuff from races. What he doesn't get, is that it is motivation to do better and better. I know I most likely will never get 1st. I go to compete against myself. At this point I am hoping to finish in under 45 minutes. Next time I will go faster and the next even faster! The energy is wonderful at races and is a little catching!!

At my weigh in I only lost .2 lbs, but that is pretty much due to diet. My goal was to keep my calories under 2,000, but it was more like 2,600 avg throughout the week. This week will be better! So far, yesterday I had 1843 calories. Here's to making my butt a little smaller!!!


  1. Sorry I bailed on you, but I'm proud of both of us for going anyway. I would have ran solo too, but hubby didn't' want me going to the track by myself, so I snagged my 14 yr old to come with. He's been training and running all year in track and wrestling, so he kicked my bootay. :) Every time we stopped after 60 seconds, he'd have to walk back to me. He was a good sport about it though. I think my next day to run will be Thursday.

  2. That's pretty awesome! When I go by myself, I take a full loop by the high school. I can never keep up with my 12 year old daughter either! I told them they have to watch me because I can't tell them when the time is up since I can't talk!


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