Monday, May 9, 2011

week1 day 1 take 2!

I finally got my new shoes, and they are awesome! They are actually running shoes. I even got some good socks. Soooo I did a 20 min turbo jam video and then a plank pose, and some squats. Then this evening I did 2.47 miles in 38 minutes. I took ALL of my children.

 All 5 of them. The 2 oldest wimped out and took the 2 babies home with them. My athletic 12 year old continued on with me though. She is a talker. I had to explain to her that I just can't talk when I'm running~ :) I was about to die. I think I finished faster than normal, because I was trying to keep up with her! My foot is definitely hurting tonight, but I kept my shoes on all day, and am now wearing the boot that I have to wear to bed. I have another appointment with the Dr on Thursday. Hopefully I don't have to stop again. If I don't get to it, I'm never going to be able to run in the races I have picked out. I'm so thankful that I am able to get out there again. Even if it was hotter than you know where! Ok, I'm exaggerating, but it was 90 degrees. Too hot for a woman with even extra insulation to run! I definitely think that I am going to have to start running very early or after sunset. Can't wait for Wednesday's run!!

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