Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Infamous Chaffing Incident

Surprise Surprise. You learn things the further you run.  
  1. When your shorts ride up, you may get chaffing.
  2. Body Glide is not a miracle substance, and may not keep this from happening.
  3. After a few miles in pain, you may decide that instead of the intended 12 miles, 8 miles is "good enough". 
  4. Chaffing hurts and makes you walk funny. 
 It dawned a beautiful, sunny, and warm day. I was excited. 12 miles! I did 11, so I had no doubt that I could do it. I ate normally, not trying anything new this time. We headed out. Around mile 2 my thighs started stinging a little.  I just kept pulling my shorts down every time they rode up.
Running through the "Center of the Universe"
About mile 4 I started complaining about it. I still was thinking I could make the full 12. At mile 5 I started sucking down my PowerAde Strawberry Banana gel. It didn't taste as good as the vanilla bean, but I wasn't really thinking about it anyway. I was thinking about the pain in my thighs. We got to mile 7.5, and there was the bridge to take me back to the car. There was no way I was going to complete a full 12. I was already running funny, trying to keep my ginormous thighs from touching. Kind of like riding an invisible horse. I told the group that I was heading back to the car. I made sure I knew how to get there, and started to finish just enough to get me to my car.

Running and taking pics of myself. I'm multi-talented!!!

On my solo run

The infamous chaffing incident.
Needless to say, I'm very disappointed. I stretched and went home. Other than the stupid chaffing, I feel pretty good. I'm not even sore! I bought some bike shorts right after the failure. I'm sure all of the people at Academy loved me trying on clothes while I was all sweaty. To their credit though, nobody said anything to me. Hoping that I can pick up some long miles next Saturday.  I had some low moments yesterday, but I will keep plugging along. I think I will confidently call myself a runner now. I may not be the fastest, but by golly, I'm giving it my all!!!     


  1. Girl, you're doing AWESOME!!! We've all had some dreaded chaffing before, but lesson learned and move forward. That looks pretty darn raw - you poor thing!! UGH - know how ya feel. Hang in there - might try some diaper rash cream on it in the meantime.

  2. LOL, It is a little raw. I have some actual chaffing cream, and it really doesn't hurt too much if I keep it covered with clothes. Thanks Laurie! I'll be rocking my new bike shorts next time!

  3. Somebody once handed me a tube of Boudreaux's Baby Butt Paste and I used it quite successfully until I got my compression shorts. Sorry you had to experiencing the chaffing of your hide. You are doing great and I love your blog!


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