Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back into the Swing of Things

Yes, this big hay bale is in the middle of town.
It was a beautiful day Saturday. After weeding the garden, cleaning up the yard, and cleaning out the trees that were growing in my gutters, I decided it was a perfect day for a run. I haven't been running in a few weeks. I was suppose to run the OKC Half Marathon today. Members of my running group ran, and I'm a little bit jealous! That's ok, I will be training with them again, and this time I am going to do the Route 66 Half right here in Tulsa! All my friends did great, and I am loving seeing their pics.
Tractors are not uncommon either.
New running shoes!
 Since I knew I wouldn't  be running today, I decided to head out and try my new running shoes. I still need to get some new inserts, but made due with my old ones. I went for a run around the big town of Inola. We are the hay capital of the world, which is why it is not unusual to see hay bales around town. It wasn't overly hot, and I wanted to try to increase my speed since I wasn't going for distance.
Honeysuckle perfumed the air. Love the spring/summer!

I finished the 2.47 miles in 30minutes and 12 seconds. Average 12:12 per mile. Not too bad, but not great either. I am hoping this next week I can get in some more miles and maybe a little quicker.
Rocking it out, captured by Billie Jo (my Sis in law)
In Zumba news, I taught my first ever hour long Zumba class. I was subbing for Sabrina in Claremore. It was a blast. I messed up a few times, but I think all the ladies had a good time. I know I did, and if they got as sweaty as I did, they had a good work out too! I got new Zumba shoes too!!
New Zumba shoes too!


  1. Loved your class and glad to track the back to running progress.

  2. :) Loved watching all the smiles! Can't help but smile myself, even when I mess up!


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