Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Body- The Untold Story

One of the ladies in my Running Moms group challenged us recently. She said you can't photoshop a marathon onto a body. She challenged us to tell the story of our body, because you can't tell what a body has been through or is capable of just by looking at it. She is going to have different women's stories on her blog. You can read her story here- Contentedly Crunchy .  So here is my story.
I'm the one on the bottom left, if you couldn't tell.
  I guess we will start at the beginning. Ok, not that far back, but how about high school? I loved high school. I was a cheerleader, well liked (I think), and didn't have a care in the world. I was thin, and young. I'm not either one now, and I'm ok with that.
4 children from my body and one child of the heart. These are my 5 kids!
I have carried 4 children in this body. I have earned every stretch mark (of which there are many) and scar. I have freckles that my mom and dad always told me were angel kisses. I have been getting gray hair since high school. I do color it, because I'm not ready to be "old". I've noticed that I have gained a few wrinkles too. I have cellulite on my butt. My ta-tas are no longer small and perky. They are empty saggy skin bags, but they nourished my children. I have not been back to my pre-pregnancy weight from before my first child. EVER. I am all woman, and am actually pretty comfortable in my own skin. I'm definitely not a swimsuit model, and I do have jealous moments. I'm not perfect, but I am me.

34 weeks pregnant with my last baby
Now I am a runner!
 My 30's have been the best years of my life. I married my wonderful husband for time and eternity, I have finally realized my dream of being a runner, and I'm getting to stay home and be the best mother and wife I know how to be. I am not skinny still. I think I like to eat way too much to ever be truly thin again. I do think I am much healthier though. I try to make good decisions for my body.

My fellow Zumba Instructors and I
I am now licensed to teach Zumba. I don't currently have my own class, but it will happen eventually.  I am a horrible procrastinator. I haven't really looked for a place to teach. I am also worried that I am not good enough. I am working on becoming more self confident, and thinking positive thoughts.

I am thankful for all my body has done for me. I am taking care of my body now, and I think I am ready for this. I am posting a pic of my tummy. A pic that is not anonymous. People I know will actually know what my tummy looks like. (By the way, before I even published it, I accidentally posted it to FB. Yay me)

In all my glory.

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  1. <3 it! I will link to it on my blog's Facebook page, and link to it in the next Story of My Body post on the blog - if you send me a picture, I'll post that to call more attention to the link :-)


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