Saturday, July 21, 2012

Training week 5 with RunnersWorldTulsa (my week one)

Well I started a little late with the whole half training thing. I have been running, just not with the group. I ran a couple of 5ks and then my older girls left for VA last Saturday. I actually got out and ran the training run with the group. Since I haven't been running like a should, I decided to run with the 14+ min/mile group. I had a blast! I might run with the 13+ next time, but truly enjoyed today's run. It was nice and easy. I could breathe the whole time and didn't feel like I was struggling. It was wonderful. It was nice and breezy and cool (since we started early). Way better than running when it is 90-110 degrees! No pics today, but will try to make up for that on my next run!

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