Monday, July 9, 2012

First Steps Out of Door are the Hardest

Totally didn't want to run today, but I did it!!
seeing the beauty in everyday!

Today, I woke up knowing that I needed to get out there if I was going to keep up with my half marathon training. I haven't even gotten to do one group training run. I've done a couple of 5ks, and then this weekend had too much to do. This Saturday 2 of my teen girls are going to visit their dad. The oldest will be leaving for a year :'(. I'm sad about it, but I'm trying to not dwell on it. I am looking forward already to the 13 year old to return and she hasn't even left yet. The house feels empty when they are gone.

Anyway. Enough of that. I got out and thought I would go to the track at the high school. I walked over there, and a bunch of rowdy teenage boys were getting ready for football practice. I really don't need a bunch of young whippersnappers laughing at me while I wheeze and shuffle my way to better health. I decided to just take one of my regular routes.
Down a country road

Here is a bullet point recap:
It's hot.
Carrying a water bottle is awkward.
Sweat is dripping in my eyes- OWOWOWOW!
Crap, dead cat in the road, go to the house and let heavily tatooed man wearing a welding mask about it. (I was worried they may have kids who would see it), He assured me that it wasn't their cat and they didn't have kids.
Man I hope that guy wasn't a serial killer.
Another guy walking down the same country road, Rapist? no talk about the weather.
Dogs, Hopefully not aggressive. Nope.
More sweat in my eyes.
I can make it to that stop sign...maybe the I can do the stop sign.
Cars, get over a little!!
Another dog. one little bark
More sweat...Almost there!
Finally made it to my road. Ahhhhhh time to cool down.
Storing some hay in the Hay Capitol of the world!

Pretty much how it went. 45 min went about 3.5 miles. Under 13 min mile which was my goal.

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