Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Track Running With My Bestie

Pretty sunset
My friend Sabrina and I were texting this evening, and she said her and the family were going to go running at the high school track. I haven't been seriously running very much at all lately. I need to get back to it as I feel as if I am losing everything I gained over all those weeks of training. Anyway, I invited myself along, and said that we would meet her there. Her son is 3 weeks younger than my son (even though he is the bigger one!). They like to play together. So I brought Amos, and Kylah and Ashleigh. I left Erika with her daddy at home.

We have had beautiful weather recently. Today was no exception. It was in the 70's with a really light breeze, perfect for getting back on the road. I'm going to have to try track running again. Very different from the treadmill and the road.
Logan (in the red shorts) and Amos (in the blue pants) running buddies.
Let me just tell you, Sabrina has loooooonnnnngggg legs, and therefore long strides. I have said it many times and unashamedly (is that a word? spell check didn't flag it, we will go with it) I am a shuffle runner. I have a very short stride and I go slow. It is good that I went with them though, it makes me push myself. All in all awesome little run. Could have done more, but was feeling kind of lazy. Enjoyed the company though. Nothing like running with your best friend, even when she's kicking your butt.

About average except for the under 8 min/mile average while running! 

After walking home, I came in to see Erika fast asleep on Eric's legs. So sweet. She didn't even wake up when I moved her to her bed. Amos asked to go to bed, so we must have worn him out too! And now I'm headed that way as well! 

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