Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Even Bad Runs Are Good

I love running in the country!
Monday I went out and took advantage of the older girls being home to watch the babies. I started the runkeeper and headed out. I actually listened to music this time (one ear only!). It was enjoyable, until I looked down at my runkeeper, and noticed that it wasn't working. UGH. It said I had already gone a mile, in 5 minutes. I wish. So I'm not positive how far I went or what my average min/mile was. I did go appx 36 min and I think my average min/mile was somewhere in the normal range. It did get difficult, and I forgot to go to the bathroom. Luckily this was a short little run. You would think country roads wouldn't be all that busy. Well here in Inola, they are always busy! And I just knew if I hung my butt out there, someone I know (I know lots of people) would see my white behind and tell everyone about it. Luckily though, I made it home without incident. Hoping tomorrow's run works out better. It did feel good to get out there, and my foot felt pretty good. I've started wearing my boot to bed again, because the foot has been hurting. Today is Zumba practice and Sabrina's Zumba class tonight, so no running today for me.
The roads will wait for me.

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