Friday, November 4, 2011

November Challenge- day 3 my humble abode

Day three is going to be a short one. The kids are feeling needy for some reason today. But, I told you all I would be a good blogger and follow through. So here it is!

I find on this cold morning, that I am extremely thankful for my home. I bought it in 2006. Since buying it, we have had problems with it. Things like- it now needs to be piered ($15000 worth, yikes!), plumbing gives us occasional trouble, now needs new carpet, and now we need some more rooms with all the kids we have. BUT- It is ours. We have shelter from the weather, it is comfortable and ours. With all it's problems, we are blessed. One of these days we will get around to fixing everything, but for now I'll just be thankful!

My cute little house.


  1. It is a cute house!! Seems like with houses when it rains it pours LOL

  2. Thanks! You are so right, and it all costs money!


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