Thursday, February 2, 2012

Setbacks and Grumblings

This is fitting for me. I have gained back around 10 lbs. I have continued running and Zumba, but still have managed to gain it back. It all comes down to diet. Mine is horrible. I'm on day 3 of keeping track of my meals on I have stopped buying soda for my house, or going to Dad's house to take his, and haven't stopped at the gas station to get any. This is a small victory. I have had one can in 4 days. I used to drink 44oz before 10 am....everyday. I'm not cutting it out completely, but I am drastically reducing my consumption.

So, why do I keep doing this to myself? I start over and over and over. Do I really want to start over again next week? No. I want to keep track and get somewhere this time. I think that part of the problem is that I resent having to really watch what I eat. I used to be really thin without having to try. I ate whatever I wanted and didn't really exercise until I became a cheerleader in 11th grade. It is crazy that this bothers me though. I have been overweight  longer than I was skinny. Not to mention how long ago that was! I am trying to make some substitutions that will be more lifestyle change than diet. I am eating oatmeal for breakfast (Steel cut made with water), and see above about the soda. Little things I may be able to handle better. I am still training for the half marathon in April, but really need to do better running on my own.

This is how I will get there.
My goals:

1. I will continue with my training, but be more diligent about my solo runs.
2. I will stay under my calorie guidelines.
3. I will say one positive thing about myself everyday.
4. I will eat vegetables at lunch and dinner.
5. I will give this 12 weeks.

To end this on a positive note- I know I will meet my goals, I will succeed. Let's do this.


  1. You can do it!! I decided it was time to make healthier choices and changes but I need structure so that is why I joined weight watchers. I feel so much better and my running has gotten better with the weight loss just I know my time won't get much better that is due to my heart and my heart meds but that's ok. I just love feeling better.

  2. The fact that you're committed to running and have taken such positive steps like reducing soda and eating more veggies puts you squarely on the right path! Staying positive is so important, and so understandably difficult sometimes. I'm in a kind of similar boat in that I've NEVER had to watch my diet and this past 4 months I've had to actually work to get back to what I consider to be my happy weight.
    Thanks for sharing, your blog is awesome!

  3. Thanks for the support! I haven't done weight watchers. I have been enjoying your posts about your dinners though, Susan. It would be a lot easier if my husband and the kids didn't insist we have things in the house for them. Cookies and milk every night for the hubby, chips, etc for the kids. Makes it difficult to say no!

  4. yeah it is hard when you have other people around that still request those yummy but evil foods :) so glad my hubby is doing the weight watchers with me.

  5. I have had to make the lifestyle decision to always count calories. Although the past few days I have not, I spent 3 weeks writing down everything and going bonkers over what I was seeing. You never realize until you do that just what you are taking in. I know it set me back a few steps. Patience and persistance are the keys. And sometimes you have to retrace steps you've already gone over. But I have faith that you will make it and see very positive changes!

  6. Thanks Robert! You are an inspiration, I enjoy your blog, and seeing you at training runs. We will both meet our goals in the long run!


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