Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Beauty of an Emotional Purge

Two posts in one day?? Yes!!! Sometimes I guess you just need to put all of your doubts down, so that you can smash them! I have stayed under my calories for today, and went for a run! One day soon, hopefully it will start paying off in weight loss.

So for the run, I went out, grudgingly. It has been beautiful today. 64 degrees. Just beautiful weather. I got my runkeeper going, and my ipod. I only wear one ear bud so that I can  pay attention to traffic. I did a different route, because I didn't want to run into too much traffic. For mile 1 I felt like I was having a little bit of a hard time, but not too bad. I ran for longer periods than normal. My first mile I averaged a 12:31 min mile.

Mile 2, was a little bit better. I ran through town. It is soooo giant. Just kidding. One blinking light in the middle of town is not huge. I love it though, as this is where I grew up. Mile 2 I averaged a 12:03 min mile.
This building burned at least 10 years ago. The shell is still there.
For mile 3, I was looking forward to getting home. I heard a train coming, so I picked up my speed. For mile 3 I averaged an 11:38 min mile. I beat the train. Yay me! No worries though, I didn't even see it, I was just worried I would have to stand there like an idiot as it passed.

So over all, I finished 2.96 miles in 35:31, total average was 12:05 min mile. I think I did awesome!!!

One side of Inola to the other. Sleepy little town.


  1. that is awesome!
    I know Inola my husbands aunt and uncle lived there until just recently.

  2. Really? How long did they live here, and what is their last names? I may know them!


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