Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recharging Batteries

The last few days have been stressful. Amos has been a handful, the truck's waterpump went out so we are down to one vehicle. I didn't get to go on my much needed run yesterday, and we haven't been reading our scriptures. All in all, it's been very hectic. This morning, as Amos was screaming about something yet again, I said a quick prayer for much needed patience and help. My dad took me to Zumba (Thanks Dad!). I met my friend Sabrina the instructor there, complained to her about my ex. (In hind sight, the situation wasn't really that bad, but I was stressed already.) My sister in law, Emily, showed up. She is always so witty and good for a laugh. We worked out hard. I sweated (is that a word?) a lot. Soaked my shirt actually. Somehow I missed part of my pit while putting on my antiperspirant this morning, and could hardly stand the smell of myself before the class. It was much worse after. I tried to stay as far as I could from everyone, and yell across the room from everyone. Emily insisted she really couldn't smell me-I think she was lying to spare my feelings. Then she said "Can I take Amos today?"....HUH????? After determining that, No she wasn't kidding, and as far as I know completely sane, I said "Please!!!!!". Only after getting home and taking a shower did I remember my quick prayer. That, my friends, is God at work. When it is something we really need, and is possible for us to get it if it is in His plan.  My batteries are recharged. I'm ready to take on the rest of the day, and go pick Amos. :)

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