Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week4 day1

I did not anticipate being able to complete today's run the way it was written. Run 5 minutes straight? You've got to be kidding me. I did it though~ just the way it was written!! It was really really windy, and that helped me at the beginning and hindered at the end. I did 2.21 miles in 36 minutes. Not the fastest, but I did it anyway. Some of it in the ditch. Does anyone else have a problem with having to dodge cars? Makes me sooo mad! Even when the other lane was empty, people would force me off the road. I live in a really small town. The roads aren't that busy. To give you an idea, we literally have 2 flashing red lights. That's it. The 2nd light was actually installed within the last couple of years. A tractor passed me for goodness sake! How hard is it to get over when you see a runner huffing and puffing trying not to twist an ankle by staying on the far side of the road? OK rant over!
 This is me after I got home from my run!

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